2 Chronicles 29:11

My sons, do not be negligent now; for the Lord has chosen you to stand before Him and serve Him, to minister before Him and to burn incense.

Monday, December 7, 2015

Addressed to Me

In the pocket of my yellow duct tape Bible cover I found it. The post card was in my handwriting. It was the processing tool from a women's event. We gathered our thought highlights from the day and scripted out a few summary phrases. After a time, the coordinator sent them out. It arrived, I read it, and tucked it away.

The truth from that day had long-ago left my memory, but here it is, today, smacking me across the heart. The second phrase reads, "there is beauty in a story that unravels". Only One could have known that Truth would be need to be reinjected into my brain on this foggy December day. 

I'm not a knitter, but I've poured myself into knitting our Five for Aslan family together. And we had a pretty awesome tight-knit family sweater/thing going.

But it was only meant to warm us for a while. God began to pull on a thread. Anger surfaced because He didn't mend the sweater, instead He kept pulling. He keeps pulling! The unraveling continues.  It is proving to be very exhausting trying to collect the loosened thread as well as fighting to keep more from unraveling. 

November 25 my journal has a list of phrases and words that were an attempt to describe the inward:

"Unraveling - The Great Unraveling"

I need help to see the beauty in the unraveling. My head knows success lies in the abolition of self and in the sincere delight for others. The only source that can enable this abolition is the Spirit of my Self-less God. I know He sees beauty in the unraveling and I imagine He has incredible knitting projects planned for all these loose threads.

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